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WU (2013) Women Entrepreneu... Edit 10/02/2017 1.3 MB ILO
LEVINSOHN et al. (2014) Wag... Edit 10/02/2017 464.8 KB ILO
VODOPIVEC (2009) Youth Empl... Edit 10/02/2017 45.7 KB ILO
BAUCHET et al (2011) Evalua... Edit 10/02/2017 543.2 KB ILO
FIALA (2014) Microenterpris... Edit 10/02/2017 1002.3 KB ILO
CHIGUNTA (2002) Youth Unemp... Edit 10/02/2017 189 KB ILO
Measuring_Change_in_Women_E... Edit 07/02/2014 1.3 MB ILO
Stimulating Microenterprise... Edit 06/24/2014 1002.3 KB ILO
wcms_237088.pdf Edit 07/02/2014 464.8 KB ILO
latest-findings-randomized-... Edit 06/24/2014 543.2 KB ILO
Evidence applied to Namibia... Edit 01/26/2010 45.7 KB ILO
A proposed framework for improving Namibia's youth labour market. Evidence based recommendations which easily transfer to other developing countries looking to improve labour market conditions - GREAT AND SHORT READ!!
Youth_Unemployement_in_Afri... Edit 07/11/2010 189 KB ILO
This methodology was adopted retrospect by Youths Healing Hands Foundation team to tackle poverty and unemployment in Africa Nigeria Tel: +234-8191148790, 8191148791 E-mail:, Website:

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